About Us

Exodus Force Initiative (EFI) is a team of clergy and professional women who have partnered their exceptional gifts and talents to advance the Kingdom of God. This partnership combined with each one’s developed and maintained national and international networks within ministerial and business arenas creates a synergy of connection. This connection has the unique ability to minister quickly and effectively to a world in crisis.

We believe that strategic partnerships and alliances are key to bringing aid to our hurting world. EFI offers administrative and spiritual covering and support for other organizations and ministries, grant development, fund raising and fund distribution, national and international positioning as well as global implementation partnerships.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish a storehouse of capital and financial resources for global humanitarian aid.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to recognize global humanitarian needs and distribute provision to strategic partners for the advancement of Kingdom purposes.

Our Goals

  1. I. Develop and maintain global working relationships.
  2. II. Acquire resources to fund project area focuses.
  3. III. Develop and manage resource distribution systems.

Our History

From its inception in 2004, EFI has listened for the call of the distressed and marshaled forces to provide fulfillment of spiritual, social and physical needs. Currently, we are making resources available to thousands of disenfranchised people both domestically and internationally.