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Community Farms Community Farms

International Community Farms

Through it’s partnership with TEND International, our implementation and training partner in South Africa, EFI has worked to empower and create opportunities for developing communities. Through provision of potable water, training in agriculture and subsequent establishment of small farms and public health programs as well as skills training EFI has strived “to reach communities through sustainable livelihoods”.

Currently, EFI has four community farming programs underway, two in Zimbabwe, one in Kenya, and another in South Africa. Irrigation systems, vegetable farming operations and chicken farming operations, have brought restored hope for breaking the cycles of poverty and hunger in these developing communities and nations.

TV Switch Board TV Switch Board

Christian Television

Along with Kingdom Connections International, EFI has assisted Calvary Family Church Transformation to purchase a television broadcasting license. The license (one of only two in the whole nation) will provide Christian broadcasting in Malawi.

With the license now secured, EFI is working to provide funds and in kind gifts for cameras, other broadcasting equipment and staff training to properly set up a studio and begin nationwide programming.