Humanitarian Aid



Wanting to plant little seeds of faith, Catie Wendell has spent more than 30 years planting and directing pre-schools for children ages 3-5. HAPPY HOUSES, as she called them, were primarily planted in Texas but now they have gone global!! Partnering with First United Methodist Church in Gonzales, Texas and TEND International in South Africa, little seeds of faith will be popping up all over the world as little hearts and minds hear the Word of the Lord and are watered.

EFI’s first international HAPPY HOUSE has been completed in Tembesi, South Africa with new classrooms and play ground area. As HAPPY HOUSE children in Gonzales continue to collect school supplies for the children in Africa, EFI makes sure the supplies arrive ready for learning in Africa.

On Cheryl’s Wings On Cheryl’s Wings

On Cheryl’s Wings

OCW is EFI’s shipping container division which is named in memory of Cheryl Wilson Hairston. Launched in 2006, OCW is providing shipping containers that are used for worldwide transportation of goods and resources. Containers are also being used as storehouse space for miraculous harvests realized in Kenya at Serve International Ministries farms which are hosted by EFI.

Feeding Children Feeding Children

International Feeding Programs

As millions faced starvation and disease in Zimbabwe, EFI rallied its allies to send much needed funds to partners in Bulawayo. The resources provided for monthly rations of oil, mealy meal (porridge like protein supplement) and sugar to over 500 families living in the bush. Fifty elderly Zimbabweans were also greatly assisted. Prior to the aid from EFI and its partners, they were only receiving one meal per week from their nursing home facility.